What is JoinUp?
JoinUp is an app for desktop and mobile that is a community marketplace for Equestrian enthusiasts. Requirements include:
Users set interest preferences and application automatically suggests connections (“joinups”) on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These suggestions are pushed to the user via text or email.
Users can connect with each other and plan events
Users can purchase horses, lessons, equestrian equipment and supplies from other community members
Calendar (Community and User)
Online Auctions via “chat-bidding”
Join Up User Stories
Adult Rider - Western
As an adult rider, I want to find what I need for my horse quickly and for a good price. My job is demanding and doesn’t pay the best wages, so when I want to buy something to support my love of horseback riding, it needs to be a good price first. I’m flexible on when I can pick it up from the seller. 
Adult Rider - English
As an adult rider that competes in shows around the country on a frequent basis, I want to be able to find tack and trailer supplies where I am, quickly. Sometimes I am only in a certain city for a few days on my way to shows.
Youth Rider - English
As an youth rider, I want to buy quality english tack for my horse so I can compete at a higher level in my school. I’m on a very limited budget as I work as a groom at a barn 2 days a week. I’d like to be able to tell others at the barn I work at what I need and how much I can pay for it.
As a horse trainer, I need a way to get more leads for clients. Right now I just put ads up on Craigslist and flyers at the barn I work at. I would like to train at different barns and even client’s homes, I would like to just make one ad and have it up for the whole year, but currently, Craigslist makes you renew the ad over and over. It wastes a lot of time.
As breeder of a rare breed of horse, I want to show the rest of the equestrian world how versatile my breed is. It’s not enough just to have a website, as most horse enthusiasts would not even know how to search for my rare breed of horse. I need to spread the word somehow.

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