UI/UX design for mobile app personal project.
What is A Camp?
A Camp is an app for iOS that is a sort of swiss army knife for hiking enthusiasts. Named for a common name for basecamps in outdoor recreation. Requirements include:
Trip Planning
Define meeting points with trail team 
Users can craft gear lists for each trip, logging pack weight and contents
Users can make food lists and estimate calorie count and weight
Can save trail maps to the phone to use without internet access
Trails can be explored around the user using Location Services to suggest hikes and then downloaded to phone, complete with GPS coordinates. Trails can be favorited to phone.
A Camp iOS App User Stories
Weekend Warrior
As a weekend warrior, I don’t have much time to plan my trips, so any tool that can help me make the most out of my hike is great! I generally don’t go very far for hikes, usually just an overnight trip. I usually hike with my family, but sometimes I am solo.
Thru Hiker
As a Thru-Hiker, I am very serious about my hikes and I plan them out months in advance. I will usually hike 100 + miles for a single trip and I am usually solo.
Day Hiker
As a day hiker, I am almost always hiking with friends or family. We usually don’t go over 5 miles as sometimes we have little children in our group. It would be great to find kid friendly hikes on a whim.
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