About the Project
I was tasked with creating a simple UI on a kiosk where users could checkout with a quick scan of a QR code in a store. Once a scan is completed the order would be checked in case an in person audit would need to be conducted.
Requirements and Research
This kiosk product had to exist within an existing ecosystem of products in the FastLane Mobile Shopper family, so design and patterns were already pretty established, but I still wanted to make sure we got the research team involved early on to ensure quality. 
It's not shown here, but we had to do a little bit of a different style of test where we had to create renderings of these kiosks in a retail environment. in photoshop showing where these screens would appear to help the test users get their head around the concept. It was 2020 and the pandemic did not allow us to test in person.
To our surprise our first wires tested remarkably well, so we felt confident to proceed with the following screens.
Wires and final designs were created in Figma. I worked with the developers overseas to export any assets they needed and conducted a final QA check with them.
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