What is Tally?
Tally is a tool that helped support more accurate time reporting for the 115+ employees within AT&T's B2B organization. The tool was designed and delivered in 5 weeks with a small team made up of one Information Architect, a Developer, and myself, the UX Designer.
The IA (who is a remote worker in Texas) and I worked almost exclusively together, hashing out the requirements and wireframes in a tool called Mural. We owe the speed we were able to create Tally in large part to this wonderful tool! Once we came up with several screens, we shared these with the developer and got his input on how the system would work. We then began to plan out a future enhancement plan.
I created comps and redlines for the developer and advised him on styles for the project. There was already a style guide established, but I did need to come up with a few more styles and design patterns that would work to satisfy our need. The new patterns were still based on established patterns used throughout the company, so the experience would not be too jarring for our users.
At the end of the five weeks when Tally 1.0 was released. We enlisted a few of our users to put it through its paces before releasing it to the larger group. After receiving their feedback, we made the appropriate changes to the software. We also listened in on several usability research sessions with about 15 users and identified areas where the software needed some tweaking. 
Tally 2.0 and beyond
After Tally's initial release we continued to hold weekly UAT meetings to further identify improvements we could make to the software. I continued to work with the IA to produce wireframes, user flows and comps when necessary. 
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